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  • What is Coworking?
    Coworking is when employees from several different businesses share an office space. This is a smart solution that offers convenience and cost-savings for anyone who doesn't want to work at home but also doesn't have a budget for their own office lease. In coworking offices, you will see entrepreneurs, remote workers and small teams using the space. Some may have a dedicated desk (like a cubicle) and others might have their very own office with walls and a lockable door. Some just use the open spaces, similar to working in a library or airport lounge. What are you looking for? We probably have it! Members share common spaces like the lobby, lounges and kitchen - excellent for networking and socializing! Everything is shared, just like a big company, except the people are all working for different companies. You'll see shared printers, shared lounge areas, etc. There's even a receptionist who greets members and any guests. Another great benefit of coworking is flexibility. Members can choose from a variety of options to fit their needs. Some professionals rent out their own private office, or a dedicated desk that has privacy glass. Other members choose to work in more open spaces that provide comfort and create easy opportunities for networking and the added perk of socializing. Some members are just part-time to save more money! No matter what membership you choose, you’ll benefit from the savings of a shared office and the convenience of great amenities provided by Six Work. Enjoy the affordable way to have a professional office space away from the distractions of home or noisy coffee shops!
  • Why Coworking?
    If you’re tired of the distractions that come from working at home or noisy coffee shops, then coworking is perfect for you. The most well-known benefit of coworking is cost-savings! Another benefit of coworking is knowing you have an elevated, professional workspace that will motivate you to be your best. Your days will be more productive in this environment than at home! Plus, there's no boss here to clock you in and out - so come in and leave as you please. Most members have 24/7 Access! What else? There’s a well-known theory by Jim Rohn that says we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. At Six Work, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded each day by motivated, intelligent, hard-working professionals. You will see motivated entrepreneurs and successful remote workers. Surround yourself with people like this, and watch your own success soar!
  • Who should work here?
    Six Work is designed for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses that have 2 -10 employees who want to have a professional and affordable office space without leasing or buying their own full office. Some of our members include rising entrepreneurs, remote workers, or businesses with 10 or less employees. If you need one desk, we have that for you! If you need a group of desks or a private office for your work team, we have that too! If you want something casual and just need a quiet lounge area to focus in, we’re at your service! If you are a professional that needs an affordable and convenient office space in Lake Norman, then coworking might be just what you’re looking for! If you're just not sure, we invite you to tour or ask about a free work day, to try it out.
  • What is a Flex Membership?
    Flex Memberships are an affordable option for workers that want to sit at casual tables each day. You might sit in a different spot throughout the week, enjoying the many comfortable spaces we have available! We have tables, bar-height seating, soft seating, couches, and more. Some spots are in secluded corners, while others are in more open and social areas - you choose! You'll feel like you're working at an airport lounge or a college campus. You’ll have access to our free fiber, wireless internet, our complimentary coffee bar and snacks, our kitchen and all the other great amenities, services and supplies. Power banks are available to grab if you're not seated near an outlet. This is a great way to have a focused work place while also networking with other professionals and enjoying our modern, open work spaces.
  • What is a Dedicated Desk?
    A dedicated desk is a desk that is permanently assigned to you. You get 24/7 Access to the office. You can keep your things here, and even add a few bits of décor to your spot to make it extra comfortable. Nobody else will be using your assigned desk. You’ll have a lockable filing cabinet and we’ll give you an extra monitor if you want. A great office chair is included, too! Your desk will have privacy walls and glass for total focus. Feel free to cover the glass for ultra-privacy. Need privacy for a call? No problem. Step into our phone room any time if you need a private room for your call. When you’re ready for a social break, you’ll enjoy our lounges, kitchen, balcony and more - just steps away! All amenities, supplies and services included!
  • What is a Virtual Membership?
    A virtual membership if for small businesses that want to use Six Work as their business address, so you can stop using your home address. A professional address for your biz and a place for your business mail to go. We will receive your mail for you and make sure it gets to your assigned mailbox each day! And if you ever need a place to work, meet a client, or a conference room to rent, you’ll already be familiar with our space!
  • What if I'm not sure about Coworking?
    There’s a few ways you can learn more and we invite you to come check us out! You can book a free tour, inquire about a single day pass, or even try our six-days/month option if you want to try our coworking out without any commitments! Please reach out with any questions at! We might just offer you a free work day to try us out, if you ask nicely!
  • Why the name - Six Work?
    The number six is simply a number we feel great about. It signifies some great things like completion, harmony, happiness, symmetry, and balance. If you love math, you might know that six is considered the first “perfect number” in math terms. (Look it up, we promise!) We also love the concept of the six degrees of separation – the idea that people are just six (or fewer) social connections away from each other. When you think of Six Work, think of networking, balance and overall happiness!
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